Flexsteel 4434 JC Jackknife Sofa "Cabello"


Jackknife Sofas come with legs for mounting to the floor or legs can be removed (legs are 11" high) to mount to an existing wood or metal box frame as is commonly found in Class C Motorhome and Travel Trailer applications. To make the bed you simply lift up and pull out on the seat of the sofa and it flops down into a bed (shown below) 40" wide by length of sofa. You sleep lengthways.

68"W x 34"H x 31"D
(68" x 40" bed)

72"W x 34"H x 31"D
(72" x 40" bed)

Step 1: Lift Seat and Pull Out 
Step 2: Sofa Lays Down Into Bed 


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