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Master Tech RV is now the oldest in the industry, most highly respected independent RV repair facility in the country. We specialize in insurance and warranty claims of all types, full renovations, customizing, and upgrades. We have a customer satisfaction level second to none, just ask our customers. Many of our “regulars” plan a stop at Master Tech as part of their trip. At Master Tech RV, we ensure full satisfaction, no matter what you need, we will make it happen, the experts at Master Tech RV are passionate about making your RV dreams a reality. Master Tech RV helps RVers uncover a better, more rewarding RV life by continually striving to provide the perfect RV service.

NOTICE: For anyone placing furniture orders on the store will be refunded; we're in the process of updating pricing on all furniture store wide. So until further notice; please do not place any furniture orders online; to get accurate pricing on furniture please call us at 866-895-4556 or email us at sales@mastertechrv.com for all of your furniture needs. All Furniture orders are 20 weeks out on any furniture ordered. 

NOTICE: For all MCD Shade Replacement Parts.

If you are unsure of what part to order for your shade. Please Call US @ 866-895-4556 or email us support@mastertechrv.com with information of your coach and pictures of your shade and pictures of the part that you are looking for. 

NOTICE: For all Aftermarket Bi-LED Projector RV Headlights

We do not ship headlights; we build them as needed. We only sell them to customers if we do the installation in Elkhart, Indiana. If you are interested in our headlights for your RV. Please contact our Sales Department 866-895-4556 or email us at sales@mastertechrv.com and we can schedule your installation of Headlights. If Headlight orders are placed in our store they will be immediately cancelled, as we do not ship the headlights. 

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